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April 2012 – start of the KRONway company as a result of acquiring 100% shares of the Wayne-Dalton CE Sp. z o.o. by the company KRONMAT Sp. z o.o. being part of FAKRO Group


July 2008 – Wayne-Dalton Corp. sets up joint-venture company with KRONMAT company – Wayne-Dalton CE Sp. z o.o. The goal of the Company is to manufacturing and distribution of garage door in Cetntraland Eastern Europe.




Wayne-Dalton garage doors are successfully being sold in whole world and the Company is the biggest US manufacturer of residential garage doors. Most important markets for Wayne-Dalton:

  • Northern America
  • Southern America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia (including China, India, Japan)
  • Australia


Wayne-Dalton belongs to the biggest in the world garage door manufacturing holding – SANWA SHUTTER from Japan.

  • Companies in the holding (among others):

                                                                      – Novoferm

                                                                      – Wayne-Dalton

                                                                      – Todco

                                                                      – Horton

                                                                      – Sanwa Shutter

                                                                      – Overhead Door International

                                                                     – Genie


Their network covers almost whole world and year turnover is ca. 3 billion USD


KRONway products are mainly manufactured with usage of components coming from American leader in manufacturing of sectional residential garage doors - Wayne-Dalton.


Wayne-Dalton, was founded in 1954 in the United States, in the heart of the Amish community. Since its creation onwards, the company commercialized under the name of Wayne Doors.


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