Industrial sectional garage doors

Industrial Sectional Garage Doors P-4 TOPLINE, P-6 THREMO PLUS and P-4 ECONOMIC


KRONway offers wide range of industrial sectional garage doors that are designed to various purposes, starting from commercial buildings with big doors, through collective garages doors and ending with specialized solution for frequent use or increased thermal properties. All doors ensure high safety and durability that allows for long time intensive use even in collective garages. Door hardware is made of galvanized steel, panels are filled with CFC-free rigid polyurethane foam being inserted between two zinc coated steel plate sheets and glued in place. There are two panel options - 40 and 60mm which create great thermal barrier. Doors can be operated manually or electrically with usage of opener 230V or 400V (depending on doo option).

In order to increase comfort of work, visibility and access of natural light door can have installed different window options - from double acrylic windows ending with fully glazed aluminum panels. Optionally garage doors can have installed wicket doors for making easier pedestrian traffic and decreasing thermal looses. However more convenient is installation of separate doors apart of sectional door.


P-4 TOPLINE garage door can have maximum width of 8500mm and height 7000mm, maximum door cannot exceed 700kg. Door P-4 ECONOMIC is designed for maximum door width 5000mm, height 3000mm and cannot exceed 200 kg.


P-6 THERO PLUS is offered in each place where insulation of the building is highly important. For maximum insulation we design 80mm sectional doors.


All industrial garage doors are priced individually based on purchase quote from the customer.



Dock levellers, shelters and seal systems


Dock seal systems/shelters  ensure high comfort of work and minimizes looses of energy thanks to quick, safe and professional connection of building and truck. Usage of seal/shelter systems optimizes costs - thanks to faster loading and unloading time and avoiding of goods damages protecting them from adverse weather conditions.


Dock levelers operated hydroelectrically and equipped with hinged lip allow for quick and precise compensation of the differences in height between various lorry floors and ramps. Dock leveler can be connected with door opener to avoid damages with shelter/seal system makes complex solution for logistics in each place where is important time, quality and economy of logistics combined with care of workers safety.


Dock levelers, shelters and seal systems are priced individually based on purchase quote from the customer.


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