Characterstics of Wayne-Dalton products


Wayne-Dalton garage doors are manufactured with focus on safety and comfort of their's users. Their construction have been tested in millions garages of whole United States - from hurricane state - Florida to cold Alaska. This garage doors are successfully exported to many countries - from European to Asian and South America.     
The front panels of Models 9100 & 9600 are made with high-tensile steel finished with an easy-to-maintain, baked-on polyester finish. Inside, top and bottom horizontal struts add rigidity and result in smoother operation. The foamed-in-place insulation delivers better sound control and dent resistance.  
The TorqueMaster Plus® counterbalance system seals springs safely inside a steel tube to prevent accidental release of tension that could cause injury. In Europe TorqueMaster Plus® is offered only with anti-drop safety technology.  


The Wayne-Dalton Model 9100 garage door is a terrific choice for performance and value.


A Wayne-Dalton Model 9600 Garage Door offers the most options at affordable prices, adding style and curb appeal to your home. Chosen by homeowners for their insulating value, durability, gracious looks, and safety design.    

Door panels are engineered with pinch-resistant design to prevent finger injuries while the door is closing.




Wayne-Dalton doors it's:

  • experience and tradition
  • advanced design solutions
  • user safety
  • competitive price
  • easy installation


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