KRONway on BATIMAT trade show in Paris


KRONway for the first time participated in the fair BATIMAT in Paris. The fair is of truly international event attracting 3,000 exhibitors and nearly 400 000 visitors from all around the world.


The fair was an opportunity to present KRONway company on demanding French market. However, the company's products are known to customers from France - Wayne Dalton company, was supplying garage doors to this market for over 15 years during this time Wayne Dalton sold couple hundred thousand garage doors and openers. Partly thinking about support to this customers KRONway begins operating in France - during the show have been presented systems to convert the old version of the TorqueMaster® to the latest version TorqueMaster® Plus. Specially to the French market for the show has been prepared a special folder with spare parts.


During the Show KRONway also presented garage door K4 with special balance system - EXS - tension springs hidden in the vertical tracks. The system requires only 10 cm headroom for automatic doors. This solution, what is important is easy to install. Presented K4 door have been operated by Liftmaster opener controlled by MyQ internet gateway.


Invitation BATIMAT 2015

We invite you for visit at our stand M82 in Hall 5A



Come and see what KRONway prepared for you!

- Discover new solution for K4 garage doors - EXS40!
Highly innovative solution 'spring into spring' with compensating cables.
• Suitable for doors weighting up to 100 kg and up to 2500 mm high
• Headroom required for the installation: 65 mm for manual operation, 80 mm electric
      • Minimum sideroom required: 45 mm with warm seal, 82 mm with standard solution

      • Spring with innovative high performance: over 25,000 cycles

    - 4 new operators
• The new generation of motors that harmoniously combines elegance and design
     • The matt black finish of the new remote controler makes it a unique accessory.
• A sliding protection prevents accidental pressing of the buttons.
     • The new design is the result of surveys of consumers in Europel

    - Wayne-Dalton spare pieces
• system for conversion of the spring system:
In the case of older systems the conversion of the system TORQUEMASTER ®One (version with the

        spring balance meter) in to the new system Torquemaster®Plus is necessary.

Brochure with WAYNE-DALTON spare parts

NEW TM Plus Single Spring Idler Bracket

In Wayne Dalton doors with single spring system there is being used new plastic end bracket that replaces current steel end bracket and dummy shaft on single spring doors with a single component - insted of set 333064 we use now 351426




Features of the New Bracket

  • Simplified Field Assembly
  • Easy Snap-in Assembly
  • Cleaner Appearance
  • Grey to match cable drum
  • Improved Performance
  • Designed for Permanent Assembly to the cable drum
  • Completely Interchangeable

KRONway part of european holding


Titanum Wayne-Dalton doors in Power Plant

Two Huge Wayne-Dalton Rolling Doors Installed
at New York Power Plant


Wayne-Dalton had two of its Titan rolling steel doors installed at the Power Vista plant, a part of Niagara Electric Power in Lewiston, New York.  These were no ordinary rolling doors though. Both were 15 meters high and 15 meters wide and it took special processes to produce and install them. After being constructed through some innovative manufacturing and assembling processes, two large cranes loaded the doors on a flatbed trailer at the Wayne-Dalton rolling door plant in Dalton, Ohio. A 630 ton gantry crane, which can lift generators from 18 meters below the deck, was used to install them at their new home in Lewiston.

    The building that the doors drape houses a large mobile crane that can move over any of 14 generators and turbines that generate the power and lift them to be taken in for service. The crane brings them back to the building, the rolling doors are shut, and repairs or maintenance can begin.

     The new doors have many interesting facts associated with their design and construction. It takes seven barrels loaded with springs to lift each door, which weigh approximately 24 tons apiece. It takes a 15 horsepower operator to provide the lifting power needed to get each one moving.  Heavy duty articulating wind locks, an original Kinnear invention since redesigned by Wayne-Dalton, allow the massive doors to operate in the “virtual wind chamber” in which the doors are located. Because the power plant sits in a gorge on the Niagara River, there is a steady wind that blows through the area. These doors not only have to withstand the wind force that can reach 75 MPH, but also operate efficiently in those conditions. Each of the windlocks weight seven and a half pounds apiece and each of the 105 slats that make up each curtain have one on both ends.

     Special safety brakes were designed to stop the doors from free falling should a catastrophic event happen during operation, which is no small task considering the amount of weight that must be stopped.

     Because of the mist that arises through the gorge and the havoc that it can cause, especially during winter, the guides and brakes are heated to prevent freezing of any parts. Another detail that had to be met due to these conditions and the sheer size of the doors included all stainless steel fasteners, of which each was set according to predetermined torque specifications. Hamburg Door, a long time Wayne-Dalton dealer located in Hamburg, NY, facilitated the purchase and delivery of the products. Installation was performed by Hohl Industrial Services and supervision was done in conjunction with Wayne-Dalton technical representatives.
     Mike Mendez, Wayne-Dalton National Service Technician who assisted with the installation, said, “I was truly amazed at how smooth and quietly this door dropped on the very first try. The cooperation between the engineers at Wayne-Dalton and Hohl was virtually perfect.”

     The Power Vista plant supplies power for the east coast and Canada. The Niagara River flows from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario as it feeds Niagara Falls.


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