Operators - general information

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Modern operators
Realizing of the customers’ demands, the KRONway company offers garage doors equipped with excellent operators adjusted to offered door models and sizes. This operators have long market history. Choosing operators from our product range you are sure that door will operate safely. Requirements of European Standard state about necessity of testing electromagnetic compliance and force test for set of specific door and operator. Our operators can give maximum comfort, safety and satisfaction of usage.



Personal safety
Our operators continuously monitor and adjust force required for opening and closing garage door. Also set up force to minimum value - what is necessary for maximizing usage safety. All our operators have overload sensors, which are stopping and moving up door immediately after feeling any obstacles. If the operator force sensor will feel obstacles while moving up than immediately stops.


For maximum comfort and safety can be programmed that while pressing button on remote controller light can switch on. Great solution is installation of photocells. If we have children or just are afraid of accidental switching on the operator we can be sure that if any obstacle in the range of photocells will occur than the photocells will make operator move door up.

Thanks to usage of rolling code operators change steering code after each pushing button, each time code changes for one of the 100 billion codes. It makes code scanning and direct use impossible. Additionally operators block door with the arm making additional ant-theft solution. For extra safety operators can be equipped in extra electromagnetic lock that blocks doors directly in the track.

Comfort and satisfaction
To make door more comfortable in use in the garage we can install wireless wall station that opens the door and switches light. Also outside can be installed keyless entrypad that can control not only one operator with different codes many operators can be controlled by one device. Other nice option is keyswitch - operator starts after turning key. Thinking about pets door are equiped in part opening option that move door only to desired height without necessity of full door opening. This option can be used also for ventilation of the garage. If garage doesn't have extra entry there is necessary to install quick release device - that allows to open the door even if there is no electricity.


If you are interested in other accessories send us note and we will help you to choose proper accessories.


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