Components for Wayne Dalton doors

KRONway can deliver components to most WD doors than have been sold in the history - most fo the components are avaliable for imidiate shipping from european warehouse at very reasnoable costs - we can deliver components in whole Europe.


Te send quote on any compenent we need to verify version of the door and hardware - often specific part is unique for the door model, track type etc.


To send quote we need:

1. Picture of full door from inside

2. Picture of label on TorqeMaster tube (top left)

3. Garage door dimension - width x height

4. Detailed delivery adress

5. Information if quote is for garage door installation company or individual customer

6. If this is for company in EU - EU VAT number - for VAT 0% delivery.


Below couple components that you may need - if you need any other components send us email:

TorqueMaster types

1.       TorquMaster One – discontinued – system can be converted to TM Plus (which we have on stock – we can offer sets for conversion – but we need to determine which version of tracks is used – there are two types of flag angles 12R and 15R).

2.       Typical for French pre-assembled doors – I need to check in US Wayne Dalton if they can make this specific spring – if yes than lead time up to 3 months - some springs we have on the stock

3.       TorqueMaster Plus – for springs with spring brake device – manufactured since 2004 – we have on stock



For TMS One We have to recognize track type – 12R or 15R and if this are front mount or rear mount spring system.


How to check track type -measure the radius of the curved portion of the horizontal track. This can be done by placing a level at the junction of the horizontal and vertical track, holding it level, and measuring the distance between the bottom of the horizontal track and the level as shown. This is normally 12 (304,8 mm) or 15 (381mm) inches.


List of the components

Item number Decription Picture

Price exw.  (without VAT)

320217 CABLE/DRUM ASM, TMIII, FM, LOOP, 127,00 - set 25,00 EUR
333064 Installation bracket TMPLUS,BAG, w.spring brake device (1 x SPR) 16,25 EUR



Spring 9100 2500x2125, TMS, 20K



46,50 EUR

End bracket FM TMS LHR CE - new RH

2,39 EUR
343604 End bracket FM TMS LHR CE - new LH 2,39 EUR
320787 BRKT,OPER,RESIDENTIAL 9100/9600 12,5 EUR
343073 BRKT,TOP,LHR,SLOPED,ASM,9100/9600 1,68 EUR