Garage door 9000 series

Easy to install

(even when when you DIY) – over 50 years experience in manufacturing and designing of garage doors allowed to prepare products which are safer and easier in installation – even for end customer. Springs can be set with simple wrench (using small power) – Torquemaster® solution, hinges are factory preinstalled, and doesn’t require adjustments, sections are light, new manual easy to understand, in addition installation movie on youtube.


Wayne-Dalton door Other sectional garage door
Torquemaster® Torsion springs


Innovative counterbalance system TorqueMaster® ensures very high level of safety during assembly and usage. Doors have pinch resistant panel profile, spring brake device and track protecting wall angles. 


Designed by the Company with over 50 years tradition in manufacturing of garage doors, equipped with components designed and tested for over 50 thousand cycles (excluding springs which are service parts), optimized in every aspect. Warranty – two years for hardware and 10 years for sections.


All doors are insulated with polyurethane foam. Depending on model from 40 to 20 mm of average poyurethane foam thickness, what causes that thermal insulation value (of installed doors – not only of panels without respecting of thermal brakes on joints and seals) is between 1,2 to 1,9 W/m²K. This can be compared with the warmest windows.

Nice looking

Big range of avaliable models, colors, lites and designs allows to choose door that will mach your home style. From standard raised panel or pinstripe door to wood-looking 9800 or looking like old side hinged cottage garage door - model 9700.


New module