Before installation

Installation of garage door should be the last stage of adjusting of garage for useage. Should be done only in completly finished room. Plaster and floor should should have final level. Floor and walls should be leveled properly. If in the garage is planned installation of ceramic tiles it should be also be cosidered. It makes installation far easier and allowa to avoid many installation problems. Any changes after door installation require paid visists of installers and sometimes repariring of newly installed garage door.


It is also necessary to check if the door will not find any obstacles during movement.


When you are planning purchase of  a garage door the actual dimensions should be precisely checked:

  1. W - opening width
  2. H - opening height
  3. LS and RS - right and left break jamb (lateral space) – min. 110 mm each
  4. HR – header space
  5. D – garage depth


! Measurements must be taken for garage with finished walls and floors.
Also, it should be checked if there are any obstacles in the nearhood of the planned garage door which may have influence on the installation of the door or its undisturbed operation; ceiling beams, pipes, windows and doors, which are opened inward etc.


When garage door is configured we choose counterbalance and track system:

  • choice of counterbalance system depends on door weight and size - about counterbalnace system desides factory
  • avaliable systems
    • Torquemaster® - used for most standard doors 9100 and 9600
    • Torsion springs


  • choice of track system depends on opening headroom
    • Low headroom - ofered as a standard solution
      Requires only 150 mm headroom in manual doors and 180 mm in automatic doors (for most operators) is installed TorqueMaster® counterbalance system.  Door can be lifted taking 20-150 mm from the opening hight - depend on if door are manual or automatic. If is installed torsion spring system that minimum required headroom grows to 200 mm headroom in manual door and 250 mm in automatic door. Door can be lifted taking 20-150 mm from the opening hight - depending on if door are manual or automatic.
    • Standard lift
      Requires 80-100 mm headroom more than Low headroom  - in manual balanced with TorqueMaster® doors 250 mm and 300 mm in electric operated or in balanced with torsions springs doors 280 mm - manual and 320 mm in automatic doors (for most operators). Door can be lifted taking 0-50 mm from the opening hight - depend on if door are manual or automatic. So we can have 100% of door opening passage.
    • Rear mount
      Require only 100 mm headroom of manual operated doors and 130 mm from electric opearted doors. We have to be avare that efective passage is much smaller than above track systems - 70-200 mm from the opening is taken by the part of the garage door. Of course depending if door are aumotic or electric opearted.
  • Operator can leave and keep door higher than door manualy operated - so effective passge increases


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